A Button for Government Workers

28 05 2008

GoodbyeBush.com FOR SALE on ebay until May 26th

22 05 2008

That cute bumbling specter of chaos is finally graduating from the School of Not-my-hard-knocks and will be leaving us in 243 days, 3 hours, and fifty minutes. How will we ever fill the black hole he leaves behind?

Surely many will want to acknowledge his departure in myriad monetizable ways. Here is where GoodbyeBush.com comes into play for the clever entrepreneur. This very desirable domain name is on auction at ebay.com until Monday May 26, 2008. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Happy bidding!

Dick Cheney’s Picture Book of Energy – pg 7

12 05 2008

This chinawoman is a woosie.

handful montana

7 05 2008

You have a filthy mind. How could you think for one second that this is not totally innocent. You pig. This is why we need thought surveillance – to catch pervs like you. I’m calling the cops!

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