Dick Cheney’s Picture Book of Energy – page 6

23 03 2008


Scars give the earth some character!



Dick Cheney’s Picture Book of Energy – Page 5

3 12 2007


This is a round table discussion where I listen to the needs of others.
They are called lobbyists. They are usually white men in good suits.
My kind of people.


Dick Cheney’s Picture Book of Energy page 4

29 11 2007



This picture makes me hot happy.  I get excited to know there is enough energy for your televisions, computers, and security systems.

Dick Cheney’s Picture Book of Energy – Page 3

27 11 2007


Here I am at a secret meeting. We are making energy policy. 

photo source:

Dick Cheney’s Picture Book of Energy – Page 2

20 11 2007


This is paradise. The smoke is warm and fluffy!

photo: Paradise,Kentucky

Dick Cheney’s Picture Book of Energy – Page 1

17 11 2007

Obviously, the Sun is NOT a good source of energy.

Clifford’s poop – a participatory poem (add a stanza)

14 09 2007


Clifford’s poop is big and red.
I wish I had a cat instead.

Clifford is a big red dog
I wish he did a smaller log

Clifford’s poop is freshly laid
I think I’ll need a bigger spade.

Truck load in – truck load out.
People do drive by and shout

obscenities from A to Z
so on their cars he takes a pee.

The pee is long, the pee is red
The big red dog may soon be dead

Clifford goes to see the vet
He pees again the vet gets wet

Clifford’s back begins to hump
It’s time for him to take a dump!

So, be careful not to stand to close.
You might just find it’s really gross.

And if you’ve found you stood too near,
It may be too late by the time you’d hear.

There’s not a soul that would think you cool,
all covered in Clifford’s big red stool.