Bush’s Halloween costume – help him decide:

26 10 2007


President Bush dressed as
“the voice in my ear”.

It stares at me while I sleep

2 10 2007


I finally caught it looking at me. I had pretended to beĀ  sleeping and hid the camera under my pillow. When I felt its presence I flashed this picture before the thing disappeared.

( A true bedtime story brought to you by the makers of Ambien CR )

A Cavalcade of Anxiety – a participatory poem (add a stanza or two)

20 09 2007


colony collapse
restless legs
identity theft
tainted eggs

leaded Barbie
cancer genes
home invasion
tainted greens

That Thing in My Closet

12 09 2007


That thing in my closet,
it’s not always there.

But when it is –
it gives me a scare