And Now A Message From The Commander In Chief:

8 03 2008


WAR ON! rhymes with moron

blame it on the killer eggs

15 12 2007

Diner Diner burning bright
sober beacon
drunken night.

Java Java steaming hot
swore I wouldn’t
drink a lot.

Eggs Eggs slimy soft
all too soon
I send aloft.

Run Run for the door
retch my innards
to the floor.

Wake Wake tormented head
sweating gin
wish I were dead.


with apologies to William Blake

A Christmas Message from President Bush

7 12 2007


the Bush Lecture Tour:

14 11 2007


How Not to Lead

Mismanagement 101

Ignoring Historical Wisdom

Facilitating Theocracy

Turning Challenges into Nightmares

Pubelic Specking

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Presidential questions

2 11 2007


“Hey Dick. Where’s my rubber duckies?!”

Bush’s Halloween costume – choice #3

30 10 2007


President Bush dressed as
“A goddamn draft dodger”

Bush’s Halloween costume – choice #2

28 10 2007


President Bush dressed as
someone who is interested .