Toyota Moydalize Ya!

6 02 2010

A Button for Government Workers

28 05 2008


20 04 2008

joke at a  rat celebrity roast.

Mom is having papaltations

20 04 2008

My mom was so excited about the Pope’s visit she started having Papaltations! I worry she is a popeaholic. I am considering taking her to  P.A. meetings.  It hasn’t hurt the Protestants so far…

Irish Cooling Towers

13 03 2008

Extreme! Cooking Magazine

16 11 2007

An Al-Qaeda Thanksgiving

Downhill Hors d’Oeuvres

Chainsaw Salad

I Lost Fifty Pounds Eating Explosives!

the Bush Lecture Tour:

14 11 2007


How Not to Lead

Mismanagement 101

Ignoring Historical Wisdom

Facilitating Theocracy

Turning Challenges into Nightmares

Pubelic Specking

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Answer: A Caramel Monkeyato

14 11 2007



Question: what does Curious George order
at  Starbucks?

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Bush’s Halloween costume – choice #3

30 10 2007


President Bush dressed as
“A goddamn draft dodger”