Dick Cheney’s Picture Book of Energy – pg 7

12 05 2008

This chinawoman is a woosie.

Yuengling Lager on the Slopes

25 01 2008

A Match Made in Stupid-Heaven

Presidential Questions

18 01 2008


Y’all sure this is a gas mask?


A Christmas Message from President Bush

7 12 2007


Dating a headless Barbie

18 11 2007


My friend started dating this headless Barbie doll. The poor thing is self conscious about her headlessness and tries to compensate for it. We tell her that making eye contact is overrated. We say we don’t mind masticating food and then spitting it into her open esophagus.

Dick Cheney’s Picture Book of Energy – Page 1

17 11 2007

Obviously, the Sun is NOT a good source of energy.

Presidential questions

2 11 2007


“Hey Dick. Where’s my rubber duckies?!”