FOR SALE on ebay until May 26th

22 05 2008

That cute bumbling specter of chaos is finally graduating from the School of Not-my-hard-knocks and will be leaving us in 243 days, 3 hours, and fifty minutes. How will we ever fill the black hole he leaves behind?

Surely many will want to acknowledge his departure in myriad monetizable ways. Here is where comes into play for the clever entrepreneur. This very desirable domain name is on auction at until Monday May 26, 2008. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Happy bidding!

Irish Cooling Towers

13 03 2008

Yuengling Lager on the Slopes

25 01 2008

A Match Made in Stupid-Heaven

Have a Holly Commie Christmas – it’s the best time of the year…

13 12 2007



A Christmas Message from President Bush

7 12 2007


Dick Cheney’s Picture Book of Energy – Page 5

3 12 2007


This is a round table discussion where I listen to the needs of others.
They are called lobbyists. They are usually white men in good suits.
My kind of people.


Dick Cheney’s Picture Book of Energy page 4

29 11 2007



This picture makes me hot happy.  I get excited to know there is enough energy for your televisions, computers, and security systems.