Mom is having papaltations

20 04 2008

My mom was so excited about the Pope’s visit she started having Papaltations! I worry she is a popeaholic. I am considering taking her to  P.A. meetings.  It hasn’t hurt the Protestants so far…

Dick Cheney’s Picture Book of Energy – page 6

23 03 2008


Scars give the earth some character!


Irish Cooling Towers

13 03 2008

And Now A Message From The Commander In Chief:

8 03 2008


WAR ON! rhymes with moron

Yuengling Lager on the Slopes

25 01 2008

A Match Made in Stupid-Heaven

Presidential Questions

18 01 2008


Y’all sure this is a gas mask?


Chad says

5 01 2008


Hey, I’d vote for Cheney if he wasn’t already president.