All the posted material is original unless otherwise noted. If something is similar to someone else’s work please let me know. Rubber was discovered simultaneously by different people thousands of miles apart (or so I have been taught).

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21 10 2007

PS, I have a “distorted” sense of time. That is, I don’t perceive it as distorted but others do. Usually while whining.

27 02 2008

Have a nice day !

28 02 2008

Dear Mister Bibomedia. I checked out your site. Shouldn’t your name be Mr. Bimbomedia? Are those girls on the left (shaking their booty) any relation to you? Mother? Sister? Daughter?

Have a nice day Mister Loser.

17 04 2008

Hello from a baldwinsister…This is great stuff…I feel right at home in Qasi land. Talk to you later; in Baldwinese perhaps?

17 04 2008


18 04 2008

Oooops in Baldwinese is a sacred word.
Thanks for stopping by Mame!

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